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Time for an Update

We know its been awhile, but we can explain!

I know, I know, its been way too long since our last update. But in our defense it has been wicked busy. Between working full-time, expedition plans and every other aspect of day to day life, it is easy to let the blogging fall to the wayside. That being said, I figured we could use this update to fill everyone in on our progress, what all we've been doing to make our expedition possible, and whats coming up in the future!

That face you make when there's finally a update from A & H Expeditions!

So what exactly have we been doing all this time? Anna is currently working full time as a counselor for a residential therapy business. What can often be a thankless job, she has been making a world of difference to the many people she gets to work with and while I don't say it enough, I really can not be prouder to call someone so kindhearted my girlfriend (yes I know it's a bit corny!). In the meantime I've been working with an arborist company full-time. My first official job working with trees and related to my degree studies in forestry, it has been a lot of hard work and a lot of physically draining days. Next time you're out an about, make sure you thank your local linemen and arborists for the work they do, without them many of us would be without power for a lot longer after some of those big storms!

While I do prefer working over school, the tiring nature of both of our jobs makes it difficult staying motivated to do extra work outside of work. Too bad we can't get paid to do our blog, now that would be the dream! That being said, we have to constantly keep in mind that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and the long hours of work are all going towards making our dream a reality.

Besides working, we have made significant steps in getting ready for our upcoming expedition. First and most importantly, we have officially booked our tickets to Australia! We will officially be leaving the United States on September 4, flying Virgin Australia to Brisbane. Special thanks to Student Universe for the amazing deals on flights we were able to grab, check them out here! It is crazy to think that in two months we will be on a flight across the Pacific, finally embarking on this journey that been in the works for 6 months now.

Tickets are official!

To help fun our trip too we've been selling a lot of our stuff, from clothes to furniture to our beloved Jeep. So far the Jeep is still for sale, but we did sell the rooftop tent, which was a little bittersweet, but hopefully it'll bring the new owner as much enjoyment as it brought Anna and I through so many of our camping trips, plus that means money for a drone potentially!

We still have a lot of work to do, and a lot of big exciting things coming up this summer. In July we fly down to South Carolina for a few days, then we move from our apartment, fly to Iowa, then visit Long Island, then leave for Oz. We also need to get our work-holiday visas, start our Youtube channel, and begin producing content plus reach out to more potential sponsors (a process of which deserves its own blog post). A lot of work to do in not a lot of time, but I guess thats the way things are when you choose to travel the world!

Hopefully we will be able to keep you updated in a little more timely fashion moving forward, especially since we have so much coming up! So stay tuned as our adventure continues and our departure date grows ever closer!

Insert inspirational sunset photo to get your adventure senses tingling.

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