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Dr. Livingstone I presume?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Well not quite...but close

I'm sure most of you by now have read our little intro page, the standard who we are and what we've done and what we're planning on doing and have figured out that this may very well be the most interesting website on the internet! For starters, we are adventurers and explorers, or at least I'd like to call ourselves explorers! Adventure and outdoor exploration has always been important to Anna and myself, and has really shaped our career goals, down to our college degrees. Over the past three years together, Anna and I have taken countless trips and small expeditions, but have always talked of traveling the world and doing something grand. Of course though, world traveling makes obtaining college degrees slightly difficult, so the large scale travel had to wait. But now that we have both graduated and are free from the classroom, the possibilities have opened up to endless options.

Before I go on, I should probably tell you all a bit more specifically about Anna and myself, and who exactly we are. Growing up in New Hampshire, the outdoors have always been a large part of life. Couple that with reading many adventure novels of expeditions from by-gone eras and Expedition Portal articles of Land Rovers traversing the Kalahari, I decided that I would become an explorer when I grew up. Inspired by watching scenes from the old Camel Trophy races of bright yellow Land Rovers stacked high with expedition equipment and windshield deep in mud and rivers, I eventually knew that I wanted to explore this passion on my own. I wanted to do similar adventuring in one of those trucks and queue the embrace of overlanding as a hobby. I wanted to drive around the world and explore the globe experiencing new cultures and societies, and return back with a passport book with worn edges and packed full of stamps.

Me (Henrik) with our beloved expedition rig

Luckily for me, fate allowed Anna and I to meet while at community college together. The greatest thing to has happened to me, our real adventure began together. Traveling since a young age, Anna has always loved to travel, especially to tropical warm places. From our outdoor adventure club (O.A.K.) at Great Bay Community College, our friendship grew to love as I fell head over heels for her. Clearly with Anna's love of travel and my wanderlust, we were a match made in heaven. And oh yeah, she likes Jeeps and overlanding too...so enough said!

Anna, who's cooler than these ice caves

So with this awesome power couple that we have formed, our combined wanderlust and want of adventure led us to this expedition. Where else in the world can you find such a unique culture and blend of adventure along with hostile climates but in Australia. With our combined skills and power, we're going to set out on an adventure of epic proportions (hopefully in a Land Rover...more on that later). So sit tight, because things are only going to get more exciting from here as our planning moves forward and our departure date gets ever closer! We hope through our experiences, we can inspire you and others to embrace travel and foreign cultures, and learn a little more about our ever shrinking world. We want to embrace life while we have it and explore the world while we can, and we appreciate you coming along and sharing our journey with us!

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