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An Interesting Week to Say the Least

Usually interesting is good...usually.

For the most part, its been an awesome couple of weeks. First off, we launched our website, our Facebook and Instagram and we were met with an amazing amount of support. We also got our first official batch of decals in and fully opened up our web shop (of which a link has been conveniently placed here https://www.ahexpeditions.com/online-store) and we have made some of our first orders! We really can not say how much we do appreciate the continued support, and everyone sharing our story and spreading the word about our expedition.

We were barely able to contain our excitement over launching the site!

You know what puts a slight damper on all this though? Having double car failures. Thats right, in what can seem to be totally made up, we have gone through two cars in as many 2 weeks. So now I don't know what auto god we seem to have ticked off, but we received the brunt end of that. With one total engine failure, and the other having some sort of transmission issue, we seemed to be up a creek without a paddle.

Worst piggy back ride ever.

In what may have been close to catastrophic for the future of our expedition, we were saved by our friends and family. Anna's parents amazingly pulled through with finding one replacement and my best friend Felix loaned us a car to use while Rosie is in the shop. We really can never thank them all enough for everything they have done for us and continue to do for us. Without the help of all of them, our future expedition would have been seriously jeopardized. I will keep this update short and to the point this week, but expect more exciting news to be coming soon, as well as more updates about our progress and more discussion about vehicles!

Felix, good friends are always there to lift each other up. Whether bogged down in mud or on the side of the road broken down.

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