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Adventure is Calling, will you Answer?

Is a life lived without a bit of adventure really a life lived?

To quote one of my personal exploration heroes, Roald Amundsen, "adventure is just bad planning." This may be one of the only points of wisdom where I would have to politely disagree. Now that being said, good planning and preparation are key to the successful and safe completion of an adventure, and this is a point where Amundsen excelled, perhaps maybe to the extreme, but because of this he was able to successfully be the first to reach the South Pole in 1911.

Amundsen and his team at the South Pole, 1911.

Perhaps our modern society is lacking something. Maybe we are all to tied down to the status quo, to the traditional 9-5 job, to the what we think we need to dos versus what we actually need to do. Maybe we lack inspiration, and a bit of good ole fashioned grit. With the advent of satellite technology we now have the ability to explore the remote reaches of the planet without even leaving our living room. Thats good...I think. Sure now we can see the world in a matter of hours, but wheres the fun in that?

From Captain Cook, to Shackleton to Amundsen and Scott, they all sought out the unknown. Sure it was easier to find a piece of the unknown world back in the Golden Age of Exploration, but what we seem to forget is that there is still massive amounts to discover across the globe. From cultures, to history, to just the stories of people, we are in a new age of exploration, but instead of focusing on geography it focuses of what makes us human. Where can find ways to push our limits, to see the still remote reaches of the world, and where can we find the stories of cultures and people that are yet to be told.

A little too comfortable with our armchair exploring, we need to realize that adventure should not be at our fingertips. It should take planning, perseverance, and a bit of uncomfortableness to make the journey truly remarkable and worthwhile. Edmund Hillary didn't climb everest, stare off into the view and proclaim "that was easy!"

Not to say that we are anything to compare to the great explorers of our age and those past, but we are at least willing to ask the question of why not us? Why can't we or you be the ones on a great expedition of discovery and adventure? Instead of reading those National Geographic article of adventure and waiting for the opportunity to come, let's just go ahead and make our own story. And through our adventures, maybe we can inspire others who wish to embrace the open road and explore the world.

So let's celebrate the modern explorer, the scientist, the botanist, the photographer and the storytellers, who realize that there is still an entire hidden world, prime for adventure and exploration. Sure a bed is nice, but that can't compare to a rooftop tent waking up to sunrises on some remote beach or desolate stretch of desert track. Let's collect stories, not things, and let's embrace the challenge and discomfort of the unknown.

Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki on an expedition to prove the possibility of human migration across the Pacific from the Americas.

For some, the call of the unknown is magnetic. Like the team of explorers from the Last Overland, who are recreating a trans-Europe and Asia expedition from 65 years ago in the original Land Rover Series, one adventure of a life time wasn't enough. Instead, they are choosing to celebrate the call for adventure and discovery, led by Tim Slessor, a renowned explorer, lecturer and writer. I can only hope that when I am his age the drive for exploration still burns just as strong. You can check out their story here! An inspiration for any modern day explorer, if Tim and his team can do it, so can you and I!

While we can't say for sure what will happen while on our expedition, but at the very least we'll collect stories and memories. And maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to impart what bits of wisdom we learn so as to help inspire others to grab life by the horns and embrace that adventure. Now it won't be easy, and it may not be fun all the time, but where would be the fun in fun without a bit of a challenge?

Adventure is calling...now answer it!

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