The Plan

The plan is to circumnavigate the continent of Australia as well as traverse the interior and the Outback. Our route will cover 17,000 miles of the most unique terrain, ranging from tropical beaches and dry desert outback in a 2001 Nissan Patrol, named Matilda.

Along the way, we hope to meet the locals who call the world's most hostile country home. Through our journey we will write about, photograph and film our adventures and inspire others to live out their dreams.


Photo Project

IMG_1510 2.jpg

One of the primary objectives of our expedition is complete a photo project of the local culture and residents of Australia. The project will be primarily focused on showcasing the rich tradition and continuing story of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

By documenting the diverse and storied history, we can preserve the stories that have been carried on for generations. 

Through the sharing of stories, traditions and hardships, we can further paint a picture of what it means to be human. This project will work to celebrate the differences and unique cultures that still cover our every shrinking world.


The total expedition will be broken down into eight individual legs. Each leg is approximately equal in length, except for Leg 7 which crosses the Outback and the Simpson Desert. Each leg of the journey will begin and end in a major city, so as to enable reprovisioning of supplies, fuel and water. 

The duration of the journey will cover approximately 17,000 miles of rugged and diverse terrain. Terrain will range from coastal beaches, to tropical jungle and rainforest, to harsh desert outback. We will seek to drive on as little paved road as possible, and utilize the majority of our time in the bush camping. 


In a Nissan Patrol


While our initial intent of the expedition had been to complete it in a Land Rover, reality found its way to us in the form of a Nissan Patrol. Just as awesome, and perhaps much more reliable, we have ourselves a 2001 Nissan Patrol. Fondly named Matilda after the classic Aussie folk song, she has a solid 3.0L diesel engine, solid axles, 32' mud terrain tires, and dual fuel tanks. 

We've equipped her with a solar panel, dual battery, drawer system, extra water storage, onboard fridge, rooftop tent, awning and all other necessary camping equipment to make her a fully capable and self sufficient expedition rig. 

You can read about our build experience right here on our website! 

We may have been converted, at least a little bit, to solid Nissan enthusiasts!